Trepex Construction was founded in 2014 as a general contractor with a senior housing focus. The owners and executives bring a diverse background of senior housing development, construction, operations, and property ownership.


  • Senior housing experience and focus.
  • Large project experience.
  • Professional Focused Operations. Each member of Trepex’s project management and jobsite staff have over 20 years experience in large construction projects in Texas. Our staff strives to provide timely communication with the project consultants and regular reports to the owners.
  • Time value added by Trepex
    • By focusing on senior housing, Trepex is up to date on codes (i.e no learning on the fly) and how DADS inspectors in the various regions are ‘interpreting’ or ‘enforcing’ the code.
    • Trepex will engage a 3rd party Pre-DADS inspection throughout the construction.
    • Subcontractor base is familiar with SNF and AL construction and DADS licensing requirements. Subs are present at the DADS inspection.
    • Subcontractors know how their trade interacts with the other trades and are accountable to know the code (i.e. UL Assemblies are a team effort.)


Offer a high level of value, quality and professionalism throughout all aspects of the construction or design-build process.  These ideals are upheld internally with our Trepex teams and employees, and externally with our contractors and customers.  Our standard of excellence encompasses every person engaged in the success of Trepex Construction.


  • Professionally Focused:  Proficient and efficient with all job duties and interactions.
  • Transparent Communication:  Honest and timely communication.  Emphasis on clear directives and expectations.
  • Integrity and Accountability:  Remain respectful, accountable and reliable in all decisions, actions and relationships.
  • Continuous Growth and Learning:  Initiate business and professional development to provide increased value to customers, team members and self. Build genuine, lasting professional relationships.
  • Passionate and Determined:  Commitment to pursuing excellence and expecting the same from team members, customers and contractors.
  • Family Spirit:  Engaged, collaborative and supportive participation with team members and family members at home.

Strategic Partnerships

Trepex Construction employs strategic partnerships and provides financial stability to strengthen its value to customers.

Key Proficiencies

Trepex ownership is development oriented with a consulting background. With this unique knowledge and expertise, Trepex is able to provide increased value to projects.

  • Flexibility to provide co-development, design-build process, or design-build-manage (senior housing, multifamily).
  • Versatility to be general contractor, design-builder, or a merchant builder.
  • Open , timely communication with owners creating a collaborative environment to help facilitate project success.
  • Vast network of experience and resources to support project development and completion.
  • Experienced management staff which allows for efficient operations.